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Conserving, protecting and restoring Ohio's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds
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Clear Fork River
Apple Creek

Partial summary of Division of Wildlife Brown Trout Program, 2017

Trout Program Overview: Hatchery Production Kevin Kayle (Fish Hatchery Program Administrator)

Kevin Kayle (KK) started the presentation by giving a history of Ohio’s trout program, focused on rainbow trout and brown trout only. Three hatcheries are involved in trout stocking in Ohio; Castalia, London, and Kincaid State Fish Hatcheries (SFH). Rainbow trout are raised at all three hatcheries and brown trout only at London. The Division of Wildlife (DOW) has made sig (More...)


Steelheading Around the Great Lakes.

Steelheading Around the Great Lakes Summary of Jerry Darkes talk given at CFRTU meeting

In Ohio, Lake Erie tributaries from Cleveland east are the primary target areas for steelhead. Since these fish are migratory, the key to success is figuring out where these fish are at any time. Steelhead can be caught in the fall right in Lake Erie at river mouths as they stage before entering the rivers. This is effective in small Pennsylvannia streams, but mouths Lake Erie (More...)


Fly fishing the Upper Clear fork River for Brown Trout: where, when and how. By Dave Radomski

Fly Fishing the upper Clear Fork River for brown trout: where, when and how. By Dave Radomski, presented at the 5/11/15 CFRTU chapter meeting.

Dave noted that he is not an entomologist, and does not know the names of all the insects he finds on the Clear Fork River, however his flies are tied to resemble insects he sees there. His presentation covered the area of the upper Clear Fork River from several hundred yards upstream from the blue bridge in Belleville to j (More...)


Trout in the Classroom

This year the chapter sponsored four schools participating in the Trout in the Classroom (TIC) program. GlenOak High School and Mount Vernon High School were recipients of brown trout. Dalton Middle School and Orrville High School both participated in the program by raising rainbow trout. The Ohio Division of Wildlife (DOW) provided fertile trout eggs to the schools.

By the time GlenOak received the funding to purchase equipment and set up the rearing tank, the deadl (More...)


"Guide tips and tricks: fly fishing Lake Erie tributaries for steelhead" by Jeff Liskay

UNDERSTANDING STEELHEAD BIOLOGY When steelhead trout enter tributary streams from Lake Erie in the fall and spring, they go through several stages. Bright fish, are those that have just entered a river. Once they settle down, these are the easiest to catch, since they have just left the lake and have not been previously exposed to lures, flies or baited hooks. Early in the season, water temperatures are higher and the first fall run steelhead are often the largest ones caught. (More...)


Steelhead fishery in Ohio Lake Erie tributaries better than ever!

Kevin Kayle, Fish Biology Supervisor, Fairport Harbor Fish Unit, ODNR Division of Wildlife, Fairport Harbor OH

Steelhead were first stocked in Lake Erie in the 1880s from the McCloud River in California. However, these fish were introduced into Sandusky Bay, which was completely unsuitable because it is too shallow and too warm in the summer. Little was known about the needs of steelhead in the Great Lakes at that time and these early stockings failed. The modern era of (More...)


Apple Creek stocking and fly fishing clinics, by Skip Nault

On Saturday morning, October 19, more than 3 dozen Chapter members and their friends gathered at Grosjean Park in Wooster to stock over 450 rainbow, golden (a rainbow strain) and brown trout in a half mile stretch of Apple Creek. At the same time litter was picked up and removed from the stream and stream banks.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon (20th), members served as gillies to teach novice and beginning anglers how to fly fish. Each day, 16 kids and adul (More...)


Macroinvertebrate Survey of Apple Creek -- by Skip Nault

Spotted Caddis Larva, Hydropsyche species, collected from Apple Creek, photo by Paul Swarmer.

IN JUNE AND LATER IN NOVEMBER of 2012, the Clear Fork River Chapter of Trout Unlimited (CFRTU) conducted a benthic macroinvertebrate survey (BMS) of Apple Creek. Insofar as we know, the only other BMS of Apple Creek was conducted by the Ohio Division of Wildlife 20 years ago when the Division was evaluating the stream for its potential to be included in Ohios put-grow-and-ta (More...)


Apple Creek Trout Fishery in Grosjean Park -- by Skip Nault

TU members get ready to stock trout in Apple Creek at grosjean park in Wooster.

Two unrelated events provided the stimulus for establishing a trout fishery in Apple Creek. From 1992 to 1996 the Ohio Division of Wildlife (DOW), evaluated over three-dozen streams in Ohio for their potential as candidates to stock brown trout. Apple Creek rated as the third best stream in the state for the stocking program. Ultimately, the state stocked browns from state hatcheries in (More...)


The Brown Trout Research Program in Ohio - Assessing Survival, Growth and Movement

Dr. Joe Conroy, Fisheries Biologist, Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife, Inland Fisheries Research Unit, Hebron OH Presented to the Clear Fork Chapter, Trout Unlimited May 14, 2012.

Conroy works with the ODNR DOW Inland Fisheries Research Unit, which is responsible for all fisheries in Ohio that are not living in or migrating to Lake Erie.

In the mid-1980s, DOW recognized the lack of cold water fishing opportunities in Ohio, but re (More...)




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