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Conserving, protecting and restoring Ohio's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds
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Clear Fork River
Apple Creek
Black Foam Beetle (Lowell Nault) Foam beetle great for bluegill and pan fish and especially effective
on streams during summer-time for trout.
Royal Coachman (Lowell Nault) This attractor pattern will take trout, bass and panfish. This pattern
floats like a cork and is easy to spot on the surface of the water.
Winged foam beetle (Lowell Nault) Similar to the black foam beetle but even easier to see on the water,
especially when floating through riffles and other choppy waters.
Foam and parachute emerger (Lowell Nault) Buoyed by its foam wing and parachute hackle, the front end of this
mayfly emerger pattern rides high, while the abdomen and "shuck"
dip below in the water. The fly can be tied in a number of different
colors and sizes to imitate many mayfly species.
Silver Lightening Bug (Jeff Miller) Originated on Western tailwaters, and is starting to make its way East. Can't wait to try it on the steelies! Can also be tied with Gold tinsel and bead.
Bead Head Serendipity (Jeff Miller) Down deep version of a good midge pattern. Good for steelhead and trout. Imitates Caddis in larger sizes, caddis and midge larve in the smaller sizes.
Estaz Egg (Jeff Miller) Good lead fly in a two fly rig. Clear Estaz is effective in low water conditions.
Quick Sink Caddis (Lowell Nault)
This simple caddis pattern is easy to tie and a great steelhead pattern. The metal fiber dubbing helps to get the fly down fast
caddis emerger (Lowell Nault) Fish this fly on the swing. It's working well on
the Clear Fork. The fly was designed by Ron
Gander (Jeff Miller) I was introduced to this fly when I fished the Bow River in Alberta...It just looks like a fly that will catch fish (and it did...25" Rainbow!). Deadly when fished on a sink tip.
Bug Skin Leach (Jeff Miller) First fished this fly on the Bow River...can be fished like a nypmp or streamer. Good as a lead fly in a two fly rig
Meat Whistle (Lowell Nault) This fly was first designed by John Barr and modified by other
tiers, as is this one. The meat whistle is a "crayfish" immitation
and can be tied in many color variations. Intended as a bass fly,
it will also take big brown trout as well and I bet that steelhead
will take a bite. Fish by bouncing the fly on the bottom of the
stream, lake or pond.




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