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Conserving, protecting and restoring Ohio's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds
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Clear Fork River
Apple Creek
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Chapter Events Lowell Nault: We had lots of help stocking the creek on Saturday. 11/17/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: Chelsea Campbell helps her dad release trout into Apple Creek. 11/17/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: More happy trout released into Apple Creek. 11/17/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: A gathering of TU members and friends to sample Apple Creek for macroinvertebrates on Apple Creek at Grosjean Park. 11/17/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: Getting ready to sample macroinvertebrates with dip nets and kick seines on Apple Creek. 11/17/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: Finishing up sampling Site #2 on Apple Creek. 11/17/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: Paul Swarmer is helped by Jon Little to position macroinvertebrates for their portraits. See following pictures. 11/17/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: This green caddis fly larva was the most abundant insect found in the macroinvertebrate survey. Tie up #16 and #18 caddis immitations to fool the trout. 11/17/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: Water pennies, the larval stage of an aquatic beetle. These insects are found only the most pristine streams. 11/17/2013
Fishing Lowell Nault: An inch and a half long cranefly larva. Watched a golden trout eat this one when I trew it back into the creek! 11/17/2013
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