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Conserving, protecting and restoring Ohio's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds
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Clear Fork River
Apple Creek
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Fishing Lowell Nault: First time for everything! Paul Swarmer had to make way for a couple of Kayakers on Apple Creek. Lots of anglers on the stream today! 3/29/2013
Fishing Lowell Nault: Randy Rowe with his 9-pounder from the Ashtabula. See fishing reports for a banner day of fly fishing for steelhead. 3/9/2013
Fishing Lowell Nault: Randy Rowe fishing a beautiful stretch of the Ashtabula! 3/9/2013
Fishing Lowell Nault: This 9-pounder put up one heck of a battle before giving up the landing net. 3/9/2013
Fishing Lowell Nault: The shale walls of the Ashtabula were covered with ice formations. Fantastic! 3/9/2013
Fishing Lowell Nault: This steelhead has a lamprey scar. 3/9/2013
Fishing David Cornet: Nice Rainbow on a black woolly bugger - February 24th 2013 2/25/2013
Chapter Events Lowell Nault: Bob Burke, far left, was the big winner of the February raffle, winning the Echo Shadow fly rod. Also shown are Randy Geib, Jeff Liskay, runner-up Jack Gravo with his new TU hat and Jerry Darkus. 2/23/2013
Fishing Lowell Nault: Mike came all the way up from Newark to fish Apple Creek. 12/20/2012
Fishing Lowell Nault: When I caught up to JJ, he had already caught and released tree rainbows. 12/20/2012
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