Greetings for the 2021-2022 CFRTU year! We will continue to provide updates on programs and meetings on our website this year, so please check frequently.

As we start up our monthly meetings again in September 2021, we will meet in-person and will provide a Zoom option (register at to receive meeting invitations) for those interested.  Meetings will continue to be the second Monday monthly and will start at 7:15pm.  PLEASE NOTE that the meeting location has changed and will not be on the OSU Wooster campus as in the past; rather, meetings will be at the First Presbyterian Church at 621 College Avenue in Wooster (see direction under EVENTS).  The parking lot is off Beall Avenue and across the street from the Discount Drug Mart.  The meeting room is spacious, so crowding is not an issue; but, COVID remains a risk and the delta variant is spreading rapidly in Ohio, so we do ask everyone to wear masks to meetings.

Look under EVENTS to see the excellent array of programs in place for the remainder of 2021.  


Steven Slack

CFRTU President