Aurora Nymph

Submitted By Skip Nault

Tyer Comments:  This is one of the best flies I have used to fool brown trout, especially in the spring and early summer on the Clear Fork River.  The pattern was designed by Michigan’s Dennis Potter.



Hook: #12-14 scud hook

Bead: gold or copper tungsten

Thread:  8/0 black or red

Body: medium opal tinsel

Thorax: 3-4 strands peacock herl

Wing cover:  medium opal tinsel

Tail & legs: mini rubber legs, any color

Tying instructions:

Wrap thread at base of bead to snug in, then wrap thread back to hook bend.  Tie in rubber leg material to form paired tails.  Secure a length of tinsel near tail and spiral with overlapping turns up to just behind bead.  This is when it is nice to have a rotary vice.  Leave a small piece of tinsel to form the wing cover.  Wrap peacock herl to form a thorax 1-5 to 2 times size of bead head, then pull over remaining tinsel to form a wing cover.  Place a length of rubber leg material to form a set of legs on the far side of nymph and a similar length on the near side and secure with no more than three wraps of thread between the thorax and bead.  Tie 4 to 5 half hitches with a half hitch tool just behind the bead.  Trim tails and legs, then coat tinsel on abdomen with clear hard as nails.

Aurora nymph