Bead Head Serendipity

Submitted By Jeff Miller

Tyer Comments:

Down deep version of a good midge pattern. Good for steelhead and trout. Imitates Caddis in larger sizes, caddis and midge larve in the smaller sizes.


Hook: Size 12-20 Tiemco 2457 (Heavy for Steelhead) or 2487 (Light) or equiv
Thread: Tan 8/0
Bead: Gold
Body: Twisted Z-Lon in Olive, Brown, Tan or Red

Wing Bud: Deer hair body fur

 Tying Instructions

1) Place Bead on Hook
2) Tie the Z-Lon in at the bend of the hook
3) Grab the Z-Lon with Hackle Pliers and Spin to form a tight “rope”
4) Wrap “rope” forward, and tie off just before the bead, making a segmented body
5) Tie in ca. 20 dear hair, cover up cut tip ends with thread and whip finish, then trim wing bud to 1/2 hook gap in length.