Purple Jesus

Submitted By Skip Nault

Tyer Comments:

One of the best flies over the years for steelhead.  The fly was designed many years ago by Jerry Darkes.  The fly imitates small to medium sized black stoneflies found in Ohio’s Lake Erie tributaries.  The fly also works well in inland trout streams.  Tying with tungsten bead gets fly quickly to bottom of stream.


Hook: Size 12-16 scud hooks

Thread: Black 8/0

Bead: Black tungsten, size matched to hook size

Tail: Black goose biots

Body:  Dubbed with Spirit River, light bright purple haze

Collar:  Black ostrich hurl

 Tying Instructions

1) Place Bead on Hook
2) Wrap thread to back of fly and attach biots
3) Twist dubbing on thread and wrap forward forming a tapered body.
4) Take 4-6 wraps of ostrich herl to form a collar behind bead and tie off.

Purple Jesus