Winged Foam Beetle

Submitted By Skip Nault

Tyer Comments:

Foam beetle great for bluegill and pan fish and especially effective
on streams during summer-time for trout.


Hook: #10 dry fly
Thread: black
Underbody: 3 strands peacock herl or peacock chenille
Body: Black 2mm foam
Head: black 2mm foam
Other: Round rubber legs & red or orange foam for indicator, yellow antron wing.

Tying Instructions

Cut a piece of 2mm black foam the with of the hook gap and the length of the hook.
Tie in on hook shank above barb, then tie in peacock under body 2/3 way up the
hook. Fold over black foam and tie in at 2/3 point. Tie in round rubber legs on each
side and finish by tying in antron yellow wing and bright colored indicator foam on top, whip finish and you are done!

Foam Beetle