Eggstasy Egg pattern

Submitted By Skip Nault.

Tier Comments:  This pattern uses a next generation fiber, Eggstasy.  When wet, it gives a jelly-like appearance of a fish egg.  And it works especially well for recently stocked rainbow trout, and ought to work well on Lake Erie tributaries along Steelhead Alley.


Hook: Size 12 & 14, Barbless jig hooks
Thread:  Color to match or contrast with Eggstasy fibre
Bead:  Slotted tungsten silver bead to match hook size.
Body: Best colors are fluorescent cheese, fluorescent peach & pink salmon.

Tying Instructions

1)  Slide bead onto hook and place hook in vice.  Wrap tying thread from bead back to 1/3 of hook. Be certain to use tying thread to secure bead.  Cut a length of Eggstasy fiber several inches long.  The fiber is attached to a thread base.  Tie the Eggstasy 1/3 down hook to where you have tied in the thread base.  Wet fingers to pull fibers rearward, then wrap Eggstasy with 5 turns, ending at the base of tungsten bead.  Tie off there with several turns and whip finish.  You can apply head cement to the thread base prior to wrapping Eggstasy fiber.  For further instruction, I refer you to a video by Tim Camissa on how to tie this pattern.

Eggstasy egg pattern, dry
Eggstasy egg pattern wet