Fishing Reports

Fishing reports are current information submitted by members and non-members fishing  Apple Creek, the Clear Fork River or Steelhead Alley tributaries. If you wish to comment on other aspects of our home water fisheries: suggestions, questions or complaints, please do so under the “Contact us” menu bar.  Click Here to Submit a New Fishing Report

To all anglers, If you see someone violating Ohio fishing regulations, as soon as possible call the 1-800-POACHER hotline and report what you have observed, for example over harvesting trout, using illegal fishing methods such as netting or snagging trout.  Provide a good description of the violators and violation including pictures if you have them.  Our Fish & Game officer for Wayne County, Aaron Brown, asks that you not confront violators on the water for safety reasons.  Call the hotline or call or text him directly at 330-323-2554, or call his office at 330-644-2293.

Clear Fork River