Apple Creek-03-07-2020

Stream Fished: Apple Creek

Date: 03-07-2020

Angler Age: 25

Angler Home: Canton

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout Caught: 1

Comments: I fished for about 3-4 hours in the afternoon.

I caught 1 on a size 16 pink copper john. I had 3 additional hookups on a size 18 pink copper john. All of the fish I hooked into were at the bottom of deep pools.

It was a sunny day with barely any wind, in the 40s. I didn't measure the water temps, but the water was partially cloudy in some spots, gin clear in other spots.

I saw 3 other fishermen on the stream.

This was also the first time fishing here that I ran into game wardens. They were checking for fishing licenses. I'm glad that Apple Creek id actually patrolled and that the fishing license requirement is enforced!

It was a beautiful day for fishing. I'm excited for the rest of Spring!