Apple Creek-03-12-2020

Stream Fished: Apple Creek

Date: 03-12-2020

Angler Name: Skip Nault

Angler Age: 79

Angler Home: Wooster

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout Caught: 5

Comments: Another nice day on Apple Creek. I fished from 1 until 4 in the afternoon and saw only one other fly angler. Nice flow in the creek and over 2-ft visibility. Caught all five rainbows, ranging in size from 12 to 15 inches, on an orange Eggstasy pattern. No fish took my palomino midge dropper. Two of the fish were acrobats, clearing the water several times. In the last hour I saw a number of #16 sized caddis flies emerging. The creek chubs and trout were taking them on the surface. Trout are holding in the deep runs and holes.