Apple Creek-05-17-2021

Stream Fished: Apple Creek

Date: 05-17-2021

Angler Name: Skip Nault

Angler Age: 81

Angler Home: Wooster

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout Caught: 9

Comments: Similar to when I fished Apple Creek last Friday, except the flow of water was down, water was crystal clear and 54 F. I hooked 16, and landed 9 rainbow trout, all but one on my Jumbo Chewing Gum worm imitation. I tie these on size #8 barbless hooks and if the hook is not set in the trouts upper jaw, they throw the fly. Only one other fly angler on the creek this morning when I fished for 3 hours.

I was greatly disappointed to find all kinds of trash from picnickers and anglers who visited the creek over the weekend. This sure does not help one to enjoy walking and fishing the stream. Please pick up your trash and if you see others trashing the stream, let them know your displeasure.