Apple Creek-06-05-2022

Stream Fished: Apple Creek

Date: 06-05-2022

Angler Name: Nate & Everett

Angler Age: 39 & 5

Angler Home: Lyndhurst

Fishing Tackle: Fly FishingSpin Fishing

Fish Caught: Rainbow Trout

Comments: We were on the creek today from 7:00- 11;00am. Water was low very clear and 68°F. Air temp was 65°F when we arrived. A few spinkles occued with cloudy conditions. We did not see or catch any trout. A mix of spin and fly fishing caught Six, 4-6" chubbs were caught. Caught all fish on using different brown colored nymphs. Released all. We only saw 2 other fisherman as we were leaving.