Apple Creek-11-09-2021

Stream Fished: Apple Creek

Date: 11-09-2021

Angler Name: Rick Pichola

Angler Age: 53

Angler Home: Rocky River

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout Caught: 10

Comments: I spent a couple hours on AC Tuesday. Water was low and clear, about 55 F and the weather was perfect this time of year.

I wasn't sure CFRTU had stocked it or not, since their website didn't have the event on their page. Maybe a good thing for the trout.

So I will tell you here, they did stock maybe 1/3 as many as I have seen in the past. Enough fish to keep it interesting and the fish are feeding naturally now.

I found between 4 and 10 fish in every hole I would expect. I would catch a couple and move up to the next hole. Only saw a few rising fish and did catch one on an orange stimulator. All the others were on Olive or Black BH zebra midge 24-32 inches below the stimulator. Took me a while to see in the water that fish were letting the midge pass by, than ambush it facing downstream. So the dry didn't flinch much and I learned I had to set the hook high and upstream, not the typical downstream. I was fishing dry fly style upstream most of the time.

Later in my afternoon, I realized they also like the midge on a swing from above.

My best day ever at AC. I do not count fish any longer over 6, so that I don't offend the fish. I landed double digits of rainbows and lost a few to quick release. Most fish 14-15 inches with one 17 incher jumping all over the place. He took the dry. I saw 2 people walking out when I arrived and only 2 others on the stream. I heard from a friend that Wednesday was a zoo of people though.

Thank you CFRTU this is such a beautiful stream I wouldn't know about except for your efforts. Next year post the dates, and I am happy to help you set them free.

Tight lines,