Apple Creek-11-23-2018

Stream Fished: Apple Creek

Date: 11-23-2018

Angler Name: Skip Nault

Angler Age: 78

Angler Home: Wooster

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout Caught: 4

Comments: What a beauty of a day to fly fish. Sunny and no wind. Air and water temps in the mid to high 30's. Good flow of water and up to 3 feet of visibility. Fished for 2.5 hours and caught all 4 rainbows, measuring from 12 to 15 inches, on a pink sucker spawn. No action on small streamers or nymph patterns. There were 13 cars in the parking lot. Saw at least a dozen fly fishers and 3 spin casters. Everyone was practicing catch and release. Most people I spoke to were from outside of Wooster & Wayne County. There was plenty of space for everyone to fish. What fun on the day after Thanksgiving.