Clear Fork River-05-13-2020

Stream Fished: Clear Fork River

Date: 05-13-2020

Angler Name: Skip Nault

Angler Age: 80

Angler Home: Wooster

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Brown Trout

Brown Trout Caught: 17

Comments: It was a bright sunny day, in the upper 50's when we fished the Upper Clear Fork from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. The water was clear and was at 70-80cfs when we fished two stretches of the river. I hooked up with 23 browns and landed 17. Most were between 9-11 inches along with a couple smaller ones. I fished an aurora nymph pattern tied on a #14 Fulling Mill barbless jig hook trailed by a #16 bead head, flash-back pheasant tail. The jig hook was great, riding point up so as not to snag the bottom and being barbless, easy to remove from the trout's upper jaw. Steve fished with me and caught 4 browns. We saw several other fly anglers.