Clear Fork River-07-06-2021

Stream Fished: Clear Fork River

Date: 07-06-2021

Angler Name: Rick Pichola

Angler Age: 53

Angler Home: Rocky River

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Brown Trout

Comments: So, I fished the evening on my way back from Columbus. Water seemed warm 69 F or so. I only saw 1 trout and fished in 4 spots. No fish rising except chubs. Anyone know what has happened to the trout? I usually see and catch a couple even this time of year. I didn't even get any bass to show up and attack my crayfish fly, which imitates the thousands of crayfish I saw in the river. Hope its just the warm water has them down and in the cover. But I can usually get them out just not tonight.