Clear Fork River-07-17-2018

Stream Fished: Clear Fork River

Date: 07-17-2018

Angler Name: Andy

Angler Home: Aspen, Colorado

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Brown Trout

Comments: Good Evening,
My name is Andy F. and I am back in Ohio visiting family and I am interested in doing some fishing either tomorrow or Wednesday on Apple Creek/Clear Fork. I was simply wondering if there was any recent fishing report information about any of those body of waters and how they're fishing currently. I've seen the weather has been unkind to the trout since it's been very warm the past couple of weeks and that the trout have difficulty living and being active. However, I see there is a bit of a cold front blowing through which could be beneficial.

Additionally, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through your website and appreciate all of the well written and detailed information, as well as your efforts to help populate and sustain the trout population with the help of students and the community.

Best regards.