Clear Fork River-07-25-2021

Stream Fished: Clear Fork River

Date: 07-25-2021

Angler Name: Jake

Angler Age: 26

Angler Home: Akron

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Brown Trout

Comments: Checked out the upper while I was scouting out different access points for my drift boat. Was hesitant to throw a fly because the air temperature was so warm (86) and I did not want to stress any of the trout. I did see a handful of what I would estimate to be 14"+ trout underneath some cover as I floated over some of the holes. Water was fairly low and crystal clear. Really wish I could have taken my boat and covered more water upstream.

Went to Gatton Rocks and there were probably 20 people there swimming, tubing, and cooking out. That really spooked any fish that would have been there. I'm assuming someone took the sign down because last time I was there those activities were prohibited.