Clear Fork River-09-04-2019

Stream Fished: Clear Fork River

Date: 09-04-2019

Angler Name: Skip Nault

Angler Age: 79

Angler Home: Wooster

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Brown Trout

Brown Trout Caught: 6

Comments: Another nice morning to be wading the upper Clear Fork with a fly rod. I managed to hook and land 6 brown trout, the largest about 16 inches in length. All the others were in the 8 to 11 inch category. For the first time, my #12 Aurora nymph was not my top fly, rather a #18, glass bead head BWO nymph imitation was the ticket. All the fish were taken in shallow riffles or deep pools where water was well oxygenated. Speaking of which, the water was 66F, ca. 2-ft. visibility and just under 40cfs. It was a sunny day with temps in the mid-70's.

I fished four of my favorite stretches, from Bellville to downstream past Butler, hooking up trout in two of of the stretches. It pays off to move around. We saw no other anglers on the stream.

We encourage all who fish the river to report their fishing results on this website. The website fishing reports are meant to help others who fish the river in the short span of time after the reports are published. That is my intent! Trust me, the stream will not be over run with trout anglers following these reports. There is plenty of good fishing water on the upper Clear Fork to accommodate dozens of anglers.