Steelhead Alley-03-07-2018

Stream Fished: Steelhead Alley

Date: 03-07-2018

Angler Name: Patrick Campbell

Angler Age: 47

Angler Home: Medina, OH

Fishing Tackle: Fly FishingSpin Fishing

Fish Caught: Steelhead

Comments: Steelhead Alley across OH has really nice numbers of fish. The excessive rains over the past few weeks with subsequent sustained flows will have the fish spread thoughout all of the tribs from top to bottom. And you can expect to find steelhead in all phases of the run from fresh fish to dropbacks. With the sustained high water we've seen, many fish will have come in a spawned before the waters lower to fishable levels, So don't be surprised by the number of spawned-out fish you catch in the coming weeks.

As of today, Ash and Connie along with the smaller "ditches" are safely fishable. Fish are being caught on Rocky and Chagrin by a few of the more daring fisherman that brave the higher flows. Depending on precipitation over the next 2 days, Rocky and Chagrin both should come to fishable levels by the weekend.

I wouldn't expect Grand to come in for awhile. She is still at 2230cfs. I personally don't fish her much above 400cfs, though many brave anglers get out there well into the 500-700cfs range. Generally the turbidity is not comfortably fishable until she is in the neighborhood of 400cfs.

Vermilion is dropping nicely. Watch the USGS site closely on Vermilion. I pay no attention to the flow on Vermilion and simply watch the Turbidity gauge. Once she drops to 20 ftu, I'm on her. That level us still nicely stained, but very fishable and great for swinging streamers as the water temperatures rise.