Steelhead Alley-12-22-2021

Stream Fished: Steelhead Alley

Date: 12-22-2021

Angler Name: Noah Doak

Angler Age: 21

Angler Home: Athens, OH

Fishing Tackle: Fly Fishing

Fish Caught: Steelhead

Steelhead Caught: 1

Comments: Flows were perfect, coming down off rain/snow, fairly clear with a green stain. Temps stayed in the 20s all day with snow flurries all morning. Fished from sunrise until 1 pm on the Ohio stretch of Conneaut Creek a little ways off Route 7. Only one fish decided to show up, a fully chrome 17" hen who hit a pink sucker spawn pattern at about 10:30 am. Fishing was slow across the board, likely due to the frigid water temps. Most other fly anglers I talked to had 0-1 fish, and even the bait anglers only had 1-2. With the warmer weather we've had lately it would now likely be a better time to get out there. Regardless, that pretty little chromer and the breathtaking beauty of Conneaut made my day out in the cold 100% worth it.