Foam and Parachute Emerger

Submitted By Skip Nault

Tyer Comments:

Buoyed by its foam wing and parachute hackle, the front end of this
mayfly emerger pattern rides high, while the abdomen and “shuck”
dip below in the water. The fly can be tied in a number of different
colors and sizes to imitate many mayfly species.


Hook: Fine wire scud hook, sizes 12 through 18.
Thread: 6/0 or 8/0
Tail: Antron fibers to imitate schuck
Abdomen: Dry fly dubbing
Thorax: Dry fly dubbing
Parachute: 1 mm white foam (or other indicator colors
Hackle: Brown, grizzly and other fine hackle
Head: Thread head

Tying Instructions

Begin by tying in tip of foam strip behind the hook eye leaving space for the thread head.
Place tying thread behind the foam strip, then form an upside down “U” with the foam and tie
it down. Cut off excess foam, then use tying thread to form a post for the parachute wing.
Wrap thread back to and including a portion of the curved scud hook. Tie in the antron husk
and then use dry fly dubbing to create the abdomen and thorax. Tie in hackle at the post
with clock-wise wraps of the tying thread, then wrap several turns of the hackle counter
clock-wise on the foam post. Tie off hackle, clip excess hackle feather, form a thread head,
whip finish and you are done!

Foam & Parachute emerger
Foam & Parachute emerger