Submitted By Jeff Miller

Tyer Comments:

I was introduced to this fly when I fished the Bow River in Alberta…It just looks like a fly that will catch fish (and it did…25″ Rainbow!). Deadly when fished on a sink tip.


Hook: 3-4xl Streamer, size 4-8
Thread: Brown
Tail: White Marabou
Underbody: Lead
WireBody: Natural or Natural Grizzly Rabbit
Wing: Deer Hair (Flared around the fly, tied as a collar)
Head: Gray, Gray/White or Olive Rams Wool, Clipped to form head

Tying Instructions

1) Tie in Marabou Tail and tinsel
2) Dub thick body
3) Tie in rabbit strip 2/3 way up the hook shank
4) Use tinsel to bind Rabbit overtop of body; let the rabbit strip extend beyond the back of the hook 2/3 the length of the shank
5) Wrap a deer hair collar directly in front of the rabbit strip, tied as a flared collar
6) Tie in rams wool and clip to form head
7) whip finish