Meat Whistle

Submitted By Skip Nault

Tyer Comments:

This fly was first designed by John Barr and modified by other tiers, as is this one. The meat whistle is a “crayfish” immitation and can be tied in many color variations. Intended as a bass fly, it will also take big brown trout as well and I bet that steelhead will take a bite. Fish by bouncing the fly on the bottom of the stream, lake or pond.


Hook: jig hook, size 1/0
Thread: color to match fly, 100 denier
Bead: medium brass cone
Tail: rabbit strip
Body: cross-cut rabbit strip
Wing: flashabouHackle: rubber legs
Other: marabou collar

Tying Instructions

After sliding on the brass conehead, make a dam of thread in front of hook,
push and glue cone in position and tie off. Retie thread above hook barb and
tie in 2-inch strip of rabbit strip. Then tie in strip of cross-cut rabbit strip,
bring thread up behind cone, palmer bunny strip up to the cone and tie in.
Cut off excess bunny strip. Then in order, just behind the cone, tie in
flashabou, three legs on each side, and finally two marabou tips, one on the
top and the other on the bottom of the hook. Can be tied in brown, tan,
olive, black or crayfish orange as shown here.

The following video shows each step in tying the Meat Whistle.

Meat Whistle