A very pretty 15-inch rainbow trout caught on a chartreuse eggstasy egg pattern from Apple Creek.
Randy Rowe with 10 pound Grand River hen.

A second stocking of rainbow trout in Apple Creek at Grosjean Park in Wooster, November 11, 2023.  Thanks to Paul Swarmer for taking these photos.

The fish arrive from the hatchery in Castalia.

From the fish stocking truck a net full of trout.\
Buckets of rainbow trout headed for Apple Creek.
There they go. First time rainbow trout can swim free.
TU member Greg Elefterin teaches fly fishing to novices.
First trout on a fly rod.

We always pickup trash from Grosjean Park the days we stock the creek.

CDC midge emerger tied on a #24 dry fly hook.
Pretty Apple Creek rainbow caught with a #24 Midge CDC emerger.


CFRTU members stock rainbow trout in Apple Creek and teach beginners how to fly fish.


Getting ready to stock rainbows in Apple Creek at Grosjean Park.

Sampling Apple Creek for macroinvertebrates.


Stocking truck full of rainbow trout.
Walking buckets of trout up to stocking spots.

There they go!

New fly fisher learning how to mend the fly line.

Grandpa and grandkid stocking trout.

Video of trout being stocked in Apple Creek at Grosjean Park.


Paul with a nice Apple Creek rainbow trout.


June 5, 2023 Macroinvertebrate survey of Apple Creek at Grosjean Park in Wooster, OH


High populations of black midge larvae under rocks in Apple Creek.

Ryan Norris with a 21-inch rainbow trout caught in Apple Creek on April 19.
Ryan Norris with a 23-inch Brown Trout caught on the upper Clear Fork River on May 6.


Some of the more than 20 CFRTU members that helped with the stocking of rainbow trout in Apple Creek at Grosjean Park on Saturday, April 15. This is a CATCH & RELEASE fishery. Use flies and artificial lures if you fish here. Please no baited hooks!  And do not forget to tell how your fishing experience was by sending us a fishing report from this website.  THANKS!


To the left is Gary Pugh who built the beautiful, 3-wt fly rod for our Sippo Lake CFRTU/Fly Tying Get-Together on March 25.  The raffle winner (right) is a very happy Jack Gravo.

A very beautiful raffle prize.

Getting ready for a steelhead to bite.
Steve Slack with some steel from the Alley.
Randy Rowe with one that did not get away.
Truck full of trout arrive from Castalia hatchery.
Trout are transferred from the stocking truck to buckets to be taken to the creek.
Taylor & Daral Jackwood release trout into Apple Creek at Grosjean Park.

 The group of Wounded Warriors that CFRTU chapter members mentored in fly fishing on Cold Creek at Castalia.

Fly fishing one of the honey holes in Cold Creek.

Daral Jackwood with winner of free fly rod and reel.

A very happy Wounded Warrior.

Truck full of trout ready to be stocked in Apple Creek.
Net full of trout!

Buckets full of trout headed for Apple Creek.

Trout are free to swim away.

More trout stocked in Apple Creek.

Fly fishing clinic student catches his first trout on a fly rod.  The trout was carefully released in compliance with our “catch and release” request.

As a part of the learn to fly fishing clinic, students practice tying fly patterns at the ODNR/DOW District 3 headquarters at Portage Lakes in Akron.

Randy Rowe shows students how to tie the jumbo chewing gum fly.
Fly tying for beginners.
Greg Elefterin instructs fly tying for students.
Novice fly tiers learned to tie from left to right, jumbo chewing gum fly, Eggstasy egg and chicken little.


Past President Steve Slack presents TFO rod & reel won by raffle winner Arlen Miller at the October chapter meeting.

Macroinvertebrate survey of Apple Creek at Grosjean Park in Wooster

CFRTU members and friends at macroinvertebrate surveyor Apple Creek at Grosjean Park in Wooster, June 6,2022.


TIC Trout release into Apple Creek.

Dalton Middle School students ready to release trout they raised in the classroom into Apple Creek at Grosjean Park.
There go some of the 60 rainbow trout the students raised.
Students also sampled for macroinvertebrates in Apple Creek.


Jumbo Red Chewing Gum Fly, tied on a jig hook with tungsten bead. Great pattern for rainbow trout and their steelhead relatives. 2022
CFRTU raffle winner Steve Slack in middle. Gary Pugh who built and donated the fly rod is on the left and new CFRTU president Daral Jackwood on the right. March 2022.
Tim Camissa, our speaker and fly tying expert at our March 2022 chapter meeting at Sippo Lake in Canton.

Group of Wounded Warriors learned to fly fish with help from chapter members on Cold Creek at Castalia, November 12, 2021.


Randy Rowe with a pretty July rainbow trout from Apple Creek

We sure wish visitors to Grosjean Park would not leave behind their litter.

Bait fishermen leave behind the evidence in Apple Creek. This is one of the reasons we plead for anglers to not fish with bait. Please use only flies and artificial lures.
Apple Creek after early May, 2021 flood. More trees down creating cover and habitat for stocked trout.
Bob Rohr with a 22″ Clear Fork brown trout.
A Paul Swarmer rainbow caught & released by Paul Swarmer from Apple Creek
Apple Creek rainbow thanks to Paul Swarmer
Apple Creek Rainbow (Paul Swarmer)
A Clear Fork river rainbow trout netted by Charles Statler.

Rainbows on the Clear Fork River.  It’s a double!

This 5 lb. steelhead quickly swam off after the fly was removed from it’s mouth.


An Aurora Nymph tied on a jig hook.
A nice brown trout caught in the Clear Fork by Joe from N. Ridgeville.
A 19-inch, 3-pound brown trout from the Clear Fork River
A 20+ inch brown trout taken and released from the Clear Fork River by Dave Radomski.
A 16-inch Clear Fork brown took an Aurora nymph.
A fat Clear Fork rainbow took a prince nymph

Randy Rowe has been tying up the Aurora nymph, a top fly for fishing the upper Clear Fork River for brown trout.

Pretty Ohio steelhead.


Chris with a big Clear Fork River rainbow.


A nice Apple Creek rainbow trout. Thanks to Marc from Lakewood.




Steve with nice eastern tributary steelhead.



Harry with a pretty buck!


Randy with an 8.5 pound hen.





Skip with a 5-pound hen.



Zane’s palomino


David & John introduce trout to their new home in Apple Creek.


One of a dozen rainbow trout caught by Paul Swarmer on a dry fly in Apple Creek.




Brian Dalton with a pretty golden rainbow trout caught and released from Apple Creek above and a big brown trout below.


On October 9, TU members and friends stocked 400 plus trout in Apple Creek, then followed up with a survey for aquatic insects.
Offloading trout from the stocking truck.

Walking buckets to holding areas in stream for stocked trout.

A bucket of fish swim happily away in Apple Creek.

A golden trout swims free.

A big brown trout finds a new home in Apple Creek.

A kick seine used to sample aquatic insects.

Looking for aquatic insects sampled from Apple Creek


On July 21-22 Apple Creek and Grosjean Park was flooded by heavy rains on the watershed.  The creek overflowed with 15 feet of water including 5-feet in the parking lot.  Here are some of the piles of trees and logs removed from the creek as well as a few of the more than 100 tires, refrigerators, mattresses, etc. removed by heavy equipment.  Members voluntered to remove the small litter; bottles, cans, plastic, Styrofoam and much more.  Some new deep holes were created by the storm, others were filled in with silt, sand and gravel.  The stream is now ready for the October and November stocking.

Skip Nault with a 17-inch brown that took an Aurora nymph on the Clear Fork River.


These signs were posted by Steve Wade along the Clear Fork River at Wade & Gatton. They are meant to keep out the picnickers and campers that litter the property and have caused problems for the Wade family. Steve Wade welcomes fly anglers. Display a Trout Unlimited or Mohican Fly Fishers sticker on your car window to let them know why you are parked there. Skip Nault.


A small brown trout taken on a #20 zebra midge by Braeden Oackes on the Clear Fork River.


A pretty yellow belly caught and released back into the Clear Fork River.
A Clear Fork brown, after a hard fight, comes to hand.


An upper Clear Fork brown takes a zonker.


A 15-inch rainbow from the lower Clear Fork River.


A pretty Apple Creek rainbow.

Visitors from Geneva, NY, find steel in Ohio tributary.

Brian with a 6-pounder

Kyle with a pretty Ashtabula steelhead.

Pictures below from last day of 2018.  

Pretty cheeks!


Seven pounder!


Another seven pounder.


More steelhead color.

Pictures from Apple Creek

Nice rainbow caught by a young fly angler.


Steve Ferrell fighting a nice rainbow trout on ultra light spinning tackle on Apple Creek.


Steve with a pretty 18-inch rainbow.

Apple Creek stocked for a second time this fall on November on Saturday, November 17.  Please help us sustain the fishery by practicing Catch & Release and using only flies and lures, no bait fishing please.  Remind others who may not be aware of  our request to follow these practices.  Thanks!

Offloading trout from the stocking truck.


Trout stocking plan over a mile stretch of Apple Creek.


Buckets of trout headed for the creek.


Carrying trout downstream.


Another dozen rainbow and brown trout added to Apple Creek this weekend.


Trout finding a happy home in Apple Creek.

Pictures from the October 20, 2018 stocking of Apple Creek at Grosjean Park in Wooster and the October 20 and 21 Fly Fishing Clinics.

Two dozen of the more than 30 TU members and friends getting ready to stock Apple Creek with trout and clean up litter in Grosjean Park.


Offloading trout from the stocking truck.


A net full of trout emptied into transport buckets.


Another dozen rainbows added to Apple Creek.


Father & daughter help to stock Apple Creek.


Saturday, October 20 Fly fishing clinic.


Sunday, October 21 fly fishing clinic.


A 17-inch rainbow brings on a big smile.


First trout on a fly rod. See the squirmy-wormy fly in the rainbow trouts lip.


A pretty Apple Creek rainbow trout caught on the fly.


A 12-inch Clear Fork River brown trout taken with an Aurora nymph, 6/26/18.

June 9 macroinvertebrate survey of Apple Creek at Grosjean Park.

A small group of members prepare to sample Apple Creek at Grosjean park for macroinvertebrates.


Dip net sample yielded a trove of stone fly nymphs.


Looking through kick seine samples for macroinvertebrates.


Maddy found a stone with two cased caddis fly larvae.


Cased caddis flies.

Fishing pictures from Clear Fork River, spring 2018.

A nice day to be out on the Clear Fork River.


A nice 14-inch brown from the Clear Fork.


A healthy brown from the Clear Fork River.


A 20-inch brown from the Clear Fork River.
A 13-inch brown caught while nymphing the Clear Fork River

“Learn to fly fish” program, CFRTU teams up with OHIO DOW.

Instructions for the “Learn to fly fish class.”


Learn to fly fish students fishing ponds at Ohio Dow ponds at Portage Lakes


A fat yellow perch from the DOW ponds.


A rainbow trout caught on the fly.


Fishing the lower Clear Fork River.


Last class, students and instructors pose for picture after picnic dinner on the Clear Fork.


Ken Fry, Outdoor skills instructor for the DOW and “Learn to fly fish” coordinator.

Trout in the Classroom, May 2018

Students from Old Trail School prepare to release rainbow trout raised in classroom into Apple Creek, May 8, 2018.


Looking for aquatic insects, food for newly released trout.


Ready to stock rainbow trout fingerlings in Apple Creek.


Last of the trout to stock.


Five rainbow trout fingerlings checking out their new home waters in Apple Creek.

Trout in the Classroom, April 2018

Dalton Middle School students with buckets of rainbow trout fingerlings to stock in Apple Creek. It was a rainy day and a muddy walk to the stream April 24, 2018.


Dalton Middle School Students getting ready to acclimate trout fingerlings as the final act of their Trout in the Classroom project.


Some of the 75 fingerling rainbow trout raised by Dalton Middle School students in the Classroom.


And off they go!


Makeshift raingear was the order of the day.


Taking a rest after stocking Apple Creek with rainbow trout fingerlings.

Winter & Fall Steelhead, 2017-18

A cold but beautiful day for steelhead fishing.


Five-pound steelhead caught and released from Ashtabula River. 3/26/18


Randy Rowe with a pretty buck taken with a White death streamer. 3/19/18


Randy Rowe with a pretty hen. 11/5/17


Harry Hoitink with a big buck steelhead.


Skip Nault with 8.5 pound steelhead 12/5/17

Wounded Warriors, November 2017

November 10, 2017, CFRTU members instructed Wounded Warriors to fly fish on Castalia’s Cold Creek.


Another happy Wounded Warrior.


WW with the biggest fish of the day, a 5-5 pounder.


Paul Swarmer with a happy Warrior. Yes it was cold that day.

Stocking Apple Creek, Fall 2017

Dan Curtis unloads netfull of trout from stocking truck. 10/14/17


Buckets of fish taken to Apple Creek. 10/14/17


Rainbow & brown trout swim away. 10/14/17


Checking to see how trout are doing in new home.


When fish go in, trash comes out of the creek.


Second fall stocking. 11/18/17


Nice fish going into creek.


Water was high & muddy for 11/18/17 stocking.