Royal Coachman

Tyer Comments:

This attractor pattern will take trout, bass and panfish. This pattern
floats like a cork and is easy to spot on the surface of the water.

Hook: TMC 200 3R, sizes 8 through 16
Thread: brown 6/0 or 8/0
Tail: golden pheasant tippets
Abdomen: 1/3 peacock herl, 1/3 red floss, 1/3 peacock
Wing: yellow kiptail, split for two wings
Hackle: brown

Tying Instructions

1) Cover hook with thread, 2) tie in tail, 3) next cover thread in front of hook with epoxy
(or hard as nails) then tie in kiptail hair wings and divide in two with figure 8 turns of
tying thread, 4) tie in 4 strands of peacock herl at tip of abdomen and wrap forward, then
red floss, then finish abdomen with peacock, 5) tie in brown hackle between peacock and
wings and wrap 6-8 times behind wing and then 4-5 wraps in front of wing, 6) finally
whip finish and cover thread with head cement.  This video for beginners shows steps to tie the Royal Coachman.

Royal Coachman