Santa’s Helper

Submitted By Skip Nault

Tyer Comments:

This simple caddis pattern is easy to tie and a great steelhead pattern. The metal fiber dubbing helps to get the fly down fast.  The pattern was designed by Mark Kasubik.

Hook: TMC 2457, 2X short, 2X heavy, #12-14 scud hook
Thread: 6/0 black
Bead: 1/8 inch gold brass bead
Abdomen: Spirit River Depth Advantage Dubbing, Chartruese
Thorax: Peacock Herl, 2 strands, or synthetic peacock

Rib: Small red or gold wire.

Tying Instructions

You will love this dubbing…it goes on like a dream. Be certain to taper the body from the bend of the hook, progressively getting bigger to the thorax. Order of tying on the beaded hook:

1. Cover hook with thread.
2. Tie on wire rib at tail end.
3. Dub abdomen.
4. Wrap ribbing.
5. Tie on peacock herl collar (thorax).
6. Whip finish

Can also be tied on smaller or larger scud hooks with appropriate sized bead.  This pattern resembles the green rock worm (caddis larva) found in many of Ohio’s streams.

Santa’ Helper